iJoy Capo Kit or Capo Squonk Kit, which one do you prefer?

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    Capo 100W kit is a new single 20700 battery vaping device released by iJoy lately. The front OLED screen is identical to iJoy’s PD270 Captain. The menu is fully loaded with steam data including power/temperature, battery level, amperage, voltage, inhalation, putt-time, power mode, and current custom mode. Since this menu system and its operating system have been thoroughly tested, it is very intuitive and effortless to use.

    With the Capo 100 Kit you will also get a Captain Mini Tank that matches the color of the mod. It has a diameter of 22.5 mm, an upper sliding filling system, a Delrin black waste tip, a unique knurled chassis that reduces heat transfer and mild airflow for a delicious Vape production. If you are looking for a complete compact kit, the iJoy Capo 100 Kit is the best choice. Its different modes can give you different Vaping experiences. You can get it with $55.79 from Urvapin and enjoy free shipping, just following this link: iJoy Capo 100W Kit.


    Since squonking has become a popular vaping style. And based of the original Capo Box Mod, iJoy released the Capo Squonk Kit. Unlike most, the CAPO Squonk 100W Kit is a regulated device, versus your standard mechanical bottom feeder devices. To kick it up another notch, IJOY has added the ability to do temp control with any type of wire. It offers temperature control with support for ni200 nickel, titanium, stainless steel, and TCR adjustments. How amazing it is! You can get it with $75.79 from Urvapin and enjoy free shipping, just following this link: iJoy Capo squonk Kit.


    Which one do you prefer?

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