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      Sep 7, 2019
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      Disposable e-cigs have grown to give these vapers a simple and easy way to enjoy their vaping without all the extra accessories typically associated with box mods and atomizers. Actually disposable vape kits represent some of the most wildly popular and sought-after vaping devices recently.

      Then today, let’s take a closer look at a new released disposable kit from Moti. How this new released Moti Piin disposable kit really perform? Let’s check it out!
      The MOTI PIIN is a pre-filled nicotine salt disposable vape device, featuring a draw-activated firing mechanism with 2% and 5% nicotine salt strength, this type of e-cig is so small and convenient that you can hide it even in your hand or behind your ear.

      Main Features:
      1. 1.6ml pre-filled disposable pod with 1.6ohm coil
      2. Compact like a crayon, pocket-friendly size
      3. 320mAh built-in battery for about 380 Puffs
      4. 16 kinds of flavor to bring excellent taste
      5. Ergonomic mouthpiece for comfort mouth feel

      Flavors: Tropical Mango(5%/2%), Pineapple Ice(5%/2%), Grape Ice(5%/2%), Jasmine Tea(5%/2%), Mung Bean(5%/2%), Banana Frost(5%/2%), Menthol Tobacco(5%/2%), Blueberry Parfait(5%/2%), Yogurt Drink(5%/2%), Classic Tobacco(5%/2%), Watermelon Ice(5%), Mango Lychee Ice(5%), Strawberry Ice(5%), Blueberry Ice(5%), Spearmint(5%), Mango Ice(5%)

      Find more at MOTI Piin Disposable Kit 320mAh

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