Ovns Saber II, Sword Shape Innovative Evaporator

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      Hi, all. Recently all vape manufacturers launch their new pod system because of customer like a pod, there are many hot options in the current market, such as Uwell Caliburn KOKO, Vaporesso Podstick and Ijoy Neptune, etc. But if you looking for a 600mAh battery with Type-C charger, you can't miss the Ovns Saber II. When Ovns launch the new pod kit, the innovative evaporator almost refreshes my impression of Onvs.


      Design as a simple way to meet excellent daily vaping needs, Ovns Saber 2 is a new portable pod system for starters. Its designs as a pocket-size sword shape with 1.5ml top-filling function. The cartridge with a magnetic connection can be easy inserted and removed. The diamond shape mouthpiece is a new attempt of ONVS, and this innovative design makes the whole Saber II looks elegant.


      Compare with the hot sale Uwell Caliburn and IJOY Neptune, Ovns Saber II utilizes ON-s Dual heating wire structure which greatly expands the heating zone, therefore it tastes more decent and it can create huge cloud than other current pod kits. If you wanna check more latest vape kit on ElegoMall, contact vape wholesale in bulk price.

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