Play A Game With Innokin? - Find F Now!

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      Sep 7, 2019
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      Innokin is going to released a new pod kit, but untill now they did not mentioned any details of this new product, the only thing we can know from them is that we should Find F first?

      So what's the meaning of it? Follow ElegoMall to figure it out!


      We think F is actually a new function of their new products, but why Innokin keep it so secret? Cause it is a hidden features waiting all the vapers to explore.

      This hidden features is locked away from you. It requires you to decode the passwords then use it. This hidden feature has been named Fø, that is where the new generation technology lays in.

      There are three main ways to get the passwords:
      1. One is to decode it by yourself, the password setting does not belong to a high grade of strength. For vapers who have this interesting, they can play this game and have fun.
      2. Secondly, Innokin will release the passwords through official channels at an appropriate time, when and how to release the plan is still in making.
      3. The third is that it will unlock naturally during you use the device, so you just have to wait for the flower to bloom.

      How interested it is, the first vape brand that really palyed a game with us! Can not wait to find out more from this Innokin new vape kit.

      Stay tuned for ElegoMall, we will released all the first and newest information to all of you.

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