SMOK Fetch Pro VS SMOK Fetch Mini Review

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      SMOK recently announced their new product, SMOK Fetch Pro. If you are familiar with SMOK product Fetch mini, then you can just tell from the name that this Fetch pro kit is a new member of SMOK Fetch family. So any difference between SMOK Fetch Pro and previous Fetch Mini? Let’s take a closer look at this upgraded Fetch Pro Kit in this comprehensive review.


      As they are regarded as family members, so In actual outline design, SMOK Fetch Pro Kit and Smok Fetch Mini are very similar, they all share compact characteristics.


      Smok Fetch Pro

      An all-in-one pod system that adds amazing features without being complicated. It's Fetch Pro, your professional vape partner supporting the power as high as 80watts. It employs the sought-after composite material to provide you with highest quality. Benefit from the chipset's enhanced overall performance and power efficiency to present you a powerful Fetch. This kit includes two Fetch Pro pods, Fetch Pro RPM pod and Fetch Pro RGC pod, which are born for the vapor and flavor.


      Smok Fetch Mini

      SMOK Fetch Mini is upgraded inside out. Both sides of the body are made of high-end glass,with a hardness of 7, bringing you glossy and exquisite texture. The internal battery is 1200mAh, which reaches the balance of light and practical. Fetch is supported by advanced technology, allowing you to adjust wattage from 5W to 40W freely. As for screen, its 0.96” screen can offer you convenient operations. The kit includes two sets of pods and coils -- RPM pod and RPM Mesh 0.4Ω Coil, Nord pod and Nord Regular DC 0.6Ω Coil, which are one-to-one correspondence. And FETCH MINI RPM Pod and Nord Pod are compatible with RPM coils and Nord coils respectively.You can choose the pod and coil according to your preference. What's more, the lifespan of coils are greatly extended, so that you don't have to change the coil constantly. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!


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