Vape from BUGATTI - Ultimate Experience of Luxury

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      Sep 7, 2019
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      Today we will introduce 2 high-end vape kits from BUGATTI! Yes, that BUGATTI, a French high-performance luxury automobiles manufacturer, a great car brand that combines an artistic approach with superior technical innovations in the world of super sports cars.

      Now Bugatti is getting involved in the field of vape! And the sub-brand of vape kit named BUGATTI VAPOR. Want to real feel the superior technical innovations from Bugatti? No need to buy the car, we can choose to try their vape kits first now. :):D

      Here come 2 vape kits, BUGATTI VAPOR Royale and BUGATTI VAPOR Elite.

      For BUGATTI VAPOR Royale kit, we can say it quite different from all the other vape kits with its impressive tobacco pipe appearance. And it come with a high-end box to make this Royale kit more like an artwork, it is definitely collectible if you are interested in brand BUGATTI!


      Not like Royale kit, BUGATTI VAPOR Elite is more sports car shaped, and at the bottom of this kit also got a design of tail light and it's adjustabe, just like your car tail light!


      In addition, for nearly all the vape pod kits, we need to press the button or draw to active it, but for Elite kit, you can used it like how you use your smarphone, there is no button to press, just press the touch screen on it, that's cool and different!

      Then we know, the most improtant thing, how about the price? Honestly those vape kits are not cheap at all, but Elite is quite affordable compare to Royale kit. You can login on ElegoMall to check better price, they are all available now!

      Learn More (Remember login to check better price)
      BUGATTI VAPOR Royale Pod Kit
      BUGATTI VAPOR Elite Pod Kit

      ElegoMall provides worldwide shipping and competitive price for all the customers, register now to get your new user coupon that worth $1,000 (wholesale only) and 20% OFF coupon for retail and then enjoy better price of more latest vape devices.

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